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Name:-- John Constantine [The Laughing Magician]
My Stairway to Heaven is Out of Order ;;
** If you do not support homosexuality then this muse's DreamWidth is not for you **

Name: John Constantine
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Being: The Laughing Magician
Ethnicity: White (English)
Sexuality: Bisexual [ male preferred ]
Occupation: None of your fucking business.
Location:Liverpool, England
Relationship: A swinger
The Italics you read when you RP with John: It's John's voice in mind mixed at times with Gabriel. This John, I merged mentally with a deep connection towards the Archangel Gabriel and not his stillborn brother. It speaks of the reality John should have and how he should act. It comments at times on his actions and his words.
Muse plays well with muses from: Constantine, Hellblazer(warning Mun is not familiar with the comics; only knows what is on wikipedia), Supernatural, and other supernatural related shows.(EX: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, True Blood, Teen Wolf, and etc.)
Verse: Nearly a decade before he was diagnosed with cancer; early twenties and just new to the business; his physical powers are still building, but he is still the anti-social, cocky son of a bitch
About John: John was born in Liverpool, England, on May 10th with ability to see the unseen. His mother died giving birth to him and his stillborn twin brother. He has a sister, Cheryl, and an alcoholic father, not being able to take his father’s alcoholic behavior and left him after cursing him to wither away to a worthless death. John is a suicide who had promised his soul to each of the three rulers of Hell, which got him the ticket out of Hell and out of his lung cancer (which doesn’t stop him from being a chain smoker). He is now trying his best to trick God so that he can get his one way into Heaven. He also does good by sending demons back to Hell in a way to balance his negative deeds with positive ones. It has been only five years since the incident and he is still trying his best. Only 24 years old going on 25 now, he still can't handle the sights and still uses chain smoking in order to keep his cool. Unlike the future 35 year old him, this John is still physically weak and can't handle the constant sights of demons and spirits mocking him at times and mentally would stress out then lash it out on those around him. He constantly moves from house to house, renting apartments under short budgets he created by exorcising spirits and demons and such from possessed bodies. He is also a small con-man who uses his synchronicity to gain luck in gambling situations be it his life or money.
35YR!Verse: John has tricked God into giving him a one way ticket to Heaven. His ability of synchronicity is perfected, along with the rest of his sorcery and intelligence. He is much cooled down and mellowed out, conning people to live on in the human life and conning those from the beyond to get what he wants. He is able to travel through time and has the full ability of telepathy. He also has covered: Protection magic, such as sigils and magic circles to protect him from both physical and supernatural attacks, he is also well armed with the knowledge of magical spells, rituals, and curses such as evocation, necromancy, illusions, and invisibility. Other than this, he is just a dirty fighter who wins his fights through wits and quick-thinking.

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PB: Paul Bettany
Both Muse and Mun are over the age of 21<

Interests (20):

angels, cursing, demon summoning, demons, divination, drinking, escapology, golemancy, heaven, hell, hypnosis, illusion, necromancy, oclumancy, sleight of hand, smoking, spirit ward creation, synchronicity highway, synchronicity wave traveling, vivimancy
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